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Made with aerospace grade carbon fibre, Monster sticks represent the latest in hockey stick technology, strength, and durability. Hand crafted in small production batches, we've created one of the lightest sticks on the market and guarantee the best quality in balance and performance. 

M11 - Similar to Backstrom         

The M11 is a well-rounded toe curve blade pattern that allows for quick shots and elevation around the net, while not sacrificing the stickhandling and feel a mid blade curve. This is the blade of choice for playmakers around the net.


M21 - Similar to Stamkos               

The M21 is made for the setup man. Its mid-heel blade pattern is made for passing the puck. The M21 moves the puck smoothly up the ice and has a great backhand.


M31 - Similar to Kane                     

The M31 a versatile mid-blade curve. This blade is perfect for stickhandling as it rests the puck in the center of your blade. It works well on the forehand and backhand. The M31 also packs a hard wrist-shot for when you stickhandle your way into the perfect opening.

M61 - Similar to Ovechkin              

The M61 is a true goal scorer’s dream blade pattern. Its ½” toe-curve design allows for quick elevation of the puck around the net. If your looking for the top snap shot on the ice this is your blade.