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Where are Monster Sticks manufactured? 

Monster sticks are manufactured in China along with all of the other major hockey stick brands in the market. 

How long has Monster been around? 

Monster Hockey sticks were designed over 6 years ago.  We are not new at this!  

Why did you bring Monster to the mainstream market?

With our team all being former hockey players, we felt there was a need to bring a high-end stick to the market that didn't have a high-end price point.  

Do you have a list of retailers who sell Monster Sticks?

No, our business model is to be a direct to consumer model.  We eliminate the middle man, which allows Monster to keep our stick cost low. 

Who should use Monster Sticks? 

Everyone!  Seriously, anyone who is tired of high prices and inconsistent offerings.

Will Monster offer intermediate and youth sticks?

We are currently exploring those areas, as well as, other lines of business.  The Monster Brand will continue to evolve.  

Do you offer a warranty? 

Yes, please see our warranty section.